EvoWalk Student Workshop, SESAM 2009, Rome.

In April 2009,  I was a Tutor for a student workshop in the Small European Students of Architecture Meeting (SESAM) in Rome, the theme of which was Celebrating Charles Darwin. My team consisted of 7 students and one other Tutor, Sean O'Muiri. Each workshop team were given an existing metal u-shaped structure in which to build. 

My team and I responded by creating a pavillion in which visitors are led on a journey through the senses evoking connections with Darwinian evolution and with the development of a human being from childhood to adulthood. The journey was divided into 4 parts: Visitors crawl through a dimly lit passage raising awareness of textures of surfaces touched; As head-room and daylight become more generous visitors stand and are offered a view to the park extending their experiential realm and reducing dependance on touch; Visitors enter a room lit only from above where they find a mirror, wherein upon seeing their reflection increases self-awareness; A snug beyond the this space offers a place to sit and think about their experience. This project has been published in Plan Magazine.