Exhibition Facilities, County Louth, 2007.

This project was exhibition facilities to commemorate the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland. The scheme was located on the County Louth border on the site of a former border control area between North and South. The brief involved the provision of reception, gallery and lecture theatre facilities for a predetermined monument. The monument is a tall concrete block, inspired by stone-age/bronze-age Ogham Stones, and symbolizes the shared celtic identity of the many waring groups in Northern Ireland. 

My proposal was derived from the language of the Ogham Stone, monuments that served as markers for major routes and burial sites and could be found individually or in numbers to emphasize patterns or directions. In my design, I reference this by organizing the scheme around a North-South axis. The nature of the artifacts found in burial sites inspired the materiality of my work. Metal instruments/decorations become corten walls/skins while the duality of decomposed material vs lasting leads to the dichotomy of oak + steel in my scheme.